The Nutriart chocolate manufacture, now owned by Jean Leclerc and Jacques Leclerc, has been in operation since July 1st 2009 under the corporate name Nutriart Inc.

The owners, from a family that has been in the food industry for over a century, together have nearly 60 years of experience in the field.

Nutriart used to be a division of Les Biscuits Leclerc but has been flying solo since its spin off on July 1st 2009.

Our manufacture is peanut-free and has a large production capacity with a very high flexibility for recipes. Nutriart Inc. makes chocolate from cocoa beans, using top quality Swiss and German Buhler and Sollich equipment. Our different types of chocolate can be sold in solid or liquid form.

Nutriart Inc. also produces fruit purées, caramel, yogurt coating, compound chocolate, chocolate bars and different inclusions such as chocolate chips and chunks.